Tips on Quitting Smoking

Despite the fact that smoking causes thousands of death every year, smokers find it difficult to stop or quit smoking. Smokers who have tried to quit smoking find it a challenging task to accomplish. There are several ways in which you can stop smoking.  I’ve quit smoking by buying into electronic cigarettes, and it’s changed my life.  This is my essay on how you can do the same thing.  

Nicotine substitute methods

Quit Smoking Now

Break the habit with these simple tips.

People smoke because they are addicted to nicotine. There are various other sources of satisfying your nicotine craving without having to smoke a cigarette. Some alternative sources of nicotine consumption include using nicotine patches, nicotine gums and electronic cigarettes. All these alternative methods of nicotine consumption aim to fulfill your nicotine craving in a healthier way. For e.g. you can put nicotine patches on your arm two or three times a day. These patches provide nicotine to your body by injecting it in your blood stream. They are simple and easy to use.

Pharmaceutical methods

Anti depressants such as Zyban reduce nicotine cravings. This pharmaceutical drug helps smokers who are trying to quit smoking. Furthermore, another drug that has gained immense popularity is called Chanitx. This particular drug affects the nicotine receptors in your brain. It helps smokers to reduce their dependency on cigarettes. However, keep in mind that you must consult a doctor before taking any kind of drugs to stop smoking. Some of these drugs might have mild side effects on your body and other drugs might not suit you.

Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, in my opinion, are by far are the best alternative for traditional cigarettes. These battery operated devices give you a dose of nicotine in a much hygienic and healthier way. Electronic cigarettes do not produce any kind of smoke. These devices only produce water vapors when a smoker takes a puff. Moreover, electronic cigarettes have no side effects. According to various researches, it has been revealed that these devices help smokers quit smoking.

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