Try Making Your Own Herbal Vapor Pen AT Home

A basic vapor pen is known to use extremely high temperature air to extract flavors from herbs or tobacco being consumed by the user. Fortunately, unlike in regular smoking, with vaporizers no smoke is emitted, no ash destroys your carpet or sofa and no tobacco is burnt with direct flame. All these factors make vapor pens not just healthy for the ones using them but also for people sitting around him. As no smoke is dispersed in the air, no second or third hand smoking takes place and the environment doesn’t get polluted either. As there is no burning taking place, no tar or carbon monoxide or any other harmful toxin gets absorbed in the air or human biology, thus making the whole experience not just safe but healthy too.

I go into detail on how to make your own vape pen at home right here.

As per Leiden University, the most important purpose of vaporizers that is also their benefit is the fact that they release active compounds from tobacco or aromatic herbs like clove, peppermint and passion flower. The device uses high temperatures such as 226 degrees Celsius to extract the most out of these plants’ leaves. This is done without extracting the harmful toxins of the content being used which makes vaporizers a way more healthier and safer than traditional smoking. Moving further it is very easy to make your own vapor pen at home with materials such as a glass jar, rubber pipe and electrical pipe. Begin this process by fastening the glass with your rubber pipe using electrical tape. Make sure the tape is heat resistant to avoid any future accidents. Check if the way you have secured these two objects is fine by using the pipe as the mouth piece and inhaling few times. After making sure that no air is going out of the pipe, drop down your tobacco or herb in the jar and start heating the bottom of it using a lighter. Do not over heat and start puffing your homemade vapor pen once the jar is totally filled with smoke, you will definitely like the whole experience.

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